Dogsled Enterprises, Inc.

who we do it for currently

We are very careful not to detract from our clients' people but insist on being additive and educational to them and their efforts.

Thus, in the public forum of the internet we must be general. However, privately references are available upon request.


A mobile analytics company measuring mobile web and apps and creating marketing programs to reach given targets

A major television research company and its partners in the online, consumer research, and creative research areas

A top media spend audit firm

A major online data exchange


Three major investment companies on managing and growing their portfolio companies in the online and offline spaces

A large broadcast company

An online infrastructure company needed by both publishers and advertisers


Several companies in the food and beverage industries


An Asian government, several advertising agencies and broadcasters and support companies in that country advising on a major change in industry structure after a change in regulation
Web Hosting Companies