Dogsled Enterprises, Inc.

What we do

It is no secret that the media, marketing and advertising ecosystem has become siloed.

Those silos create transactional interchanges rather than full bodied effective campaigns that are financially fruitful for all parties.

However, the consumer doesn't live in silos.

So it is incumbent on marketers and media to turn the silos over and fly above them.

For marketers, we create media solutions for marketing problems and the opportunities inherent in them.

We start from consumer insights to craft and implement overall synchronized and coordinated campaigns for marketers across all media forms that heighten consumer uptake of product.

As media content are brands, the same discipline allows us to enable those content brands across all forms heightening consumer usage while increasing revenue.

For media companies, we create marketing solutions for audience monetization  that enable enhanced opportunities.

Additionally, we help manage media companies' marketing services functions that are becoming essential to serve their clients for long term business relationships.

The data and anthropological insights into the consumer of media and the consumer of products frees us to create ultimate matches across media forms that result in real partnerships.

By bringing together marketing services, appropriate content and advertising both sides of the equation enjoy heightened revenue and ongoing lucrative relationships with their mutual consumer.
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